How do I apply for a Fiance Visa Letter and what I need to know about the Prospective Marriage Visa?

Fiance Visa Letters are available upon request and are free as part of the Notice Of Intended Marriage being lodged with Kerrie.

If you have been asked to provide the Department of Immigration with a Fiance Visa Letter to support your Prospective Marriage Visa application, this can be obtained immediately following your first meeting with Kerrie.

Only one person’s signature is legally required in order to lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage, so the party to the marriage already in Australia, can lodge this Notice on behalf of the couple, prior to the second party arriving in Australia.

The Prospective Marriage Visa is available to people outside Australia who intend to marry their Australian partner after they enter Australia and is valid for nine months from the date of grant.

A Prospective Marriage Visa holder, must enter Australia, marry their sponsoring partner and apply for a partner visa in Australia, within the nine-month period granted.

This visa cannot be extended in Australia.

Further information on the Prospective Marriage Visa is available from the Department of Immigration.

Assisting the Department of Immigration

A marriage service typically for couples who wish to be married in Western Australia or just need the minimum legal requirements to be married.

Kerrie can service couples who are requesting a Fiance Visa Letter for their Prospective Visa or couples who require their  marriage to be registered in Australia following a ceremony overseas, such as Bali or Thailand for example.

All couples intending to marry must provide at least one month’s notice prior to the solemnisation of the marriage by completing the Notice of Intended Marriage form