WHO CAN MARRY IN AUSTRALIA?        Any person over the age of 18 years can marry in Australia, irrespective of their nationality.  You are not required to be an Australian Citizen or have permanent residency to legally marry in Australia, providing you are able to prove your birth name, date and place with no impediment to marriage.

I HAVE BEEN MARRIED PREVIOUSLY!  No problem!  As long as you provide me with evidence of the termination of your last marriage.  If the paperwork is not currently available or divorce is pending, you can still lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage, but, you must provide the decree nisi or divorce certificate before I can solemnise your marriage.

LODGING YOUR NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE      There are various ways of lodging this all-important document and must be done one month prior to your intended date of marriage.  You can lodge it in person, with Kerrie who is a Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant, and will sign as witness.  You can lodge it on-line by printing out the completed document and have it witnessed by a Justice of Peace, a Police Officer, a Lawyer or a Doctor and emailing the signed and witnessed document to kerrieboagcelebrant@gmail.com.  This is accepted as being lodged with Kerrie.  You must email your supporting evidence of birth, photo identification and marital status.  Note: you must bring along the original document once able and prior to your date of marriage for Kerrie to sight.  Note: If outside of Australia – you must have a Notary Public as witness).

ARE BOTH PARTIES TO THE MARRIAGE REQUIRED TO LODGE THE NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE?    Only one party to the marriage is legally required to sign and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage with Kerrie to commence the legal paperwork, so if your partner is overseas or not available at the time you wish to submit your paperwork, this does not prevent the Notice from being lodged.

CAN I LODGE THE NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE FROM OVERSEAS?   Yes, the Notice of Intended Marriage can be lodged by either person to the marriage and can be lodged from overseas.  When Lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage from overseas, you must note that you need to have it witnessed by a Notary Public, before forwarding to Kerrie.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION Each party to the marriage must provide proof of birth and photo identification.  If previously married, the party must provide proof of that marriage being dissolved by either divorce or death.

DOES KERRIE PROVIDE A FIANCE VISA LETTER FOR PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA?   Yes, Fiance Visa Letters are available upon request and are free as part of the Notice of Intended Marriage being lodged with Kerrie.  The Fiance Visa Letter is often asked to be provided by the Department of Immigration which supports your Prospective Marriage Visa.

MARRIAGE EQUALITY – CAN SAME SEX COUPLES MARRY IN AUSTRALIA?  Yes and proudly!  Back in 2017, Australians came together to implement a significant social change to the amendment of the Marriage Act 1961 and gave same-sex couples the same rigtht to marry as heterosexual couples.  All couples are now able to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage to commence the one month minimum notcie period require before the solemnisation of marriage.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE WEDDING?    As a Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant, I provide you with a hard copy of your ceremony and a Marriage Certificate.  I forward all signed documents to the Attorney General Department of Births, Death and Marriages for your marriage to be registered in Australia.  You may then apply for your government copy of the Marriage Certificate, which you require to change your name, bank accounts and any other relevant institute.