Are you planning to marry in Australia? There are legal obligations that must be met while preparing for a wedding in Australia.

As a leading professional wedding celebrant in Perth, Kerrie will ensure all legal obligations are met according to the regulations governed by Australian Attorney General and its marriage Act.

Kerrie Boag has helped many couples, with all legal preparation and planning in Perth, Western Australia and is LGBTQI friendly who welcomes all.

Kerrie will complete all legal documentation for you, such as, the all important ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ which must be lodged at least one month prior to your intended marriage.
This document provides all identity, birth and marital status for both bride and groom, proving you can marry, according to law in Australia.

Once the ‘notice of intended marriage’ has been lodged with Kerrie, a letter for Immigration can be issued. This is valuable when applying for a ‘Fiance Visa’ or ‘Prospective Marriage Visa’ with the Department of Immigration. This ‘letter for Immigration’(provided free of charge, once Notice is lodged) will confirm that you both intend to marry on your intended date and that Kerrie will be your Marriage Celebrant who will officiate the marriage.

The process of gaining a ’Prospective Visa’ for marriage can be complicated, so connecting with an agent such as Indeed Visa can make the process much easier.

As a Registered Marriage Celebrant, Kerrie can connect with you via facetime from anywhere in the world to discuss your marriage and guide you through the marriage process. One of you may already be in Australia and one still in another country. This is no problem when lodging the Notice.

Kerrie performs marriages of all kinds. From ‘no fuss registry style wedding’ or ‘elopement’ that is just you and your two witnesses (budget friendly), to a micro wedding where you may wish to have a few guests attend to a full bells and whistles ceremony.
Whatever your vision is, Kerrie can make it a reality.

There are so many free and low-cost destinations within the Perth area with breathtaking views that will make your wedding day memorable and Kerrie can guide you further.

Contact a trusted and professional Registered Marriage Celebrant in Perth, Western Australia who will make your plans to marry an easy and enjoyable process with the comfort of knowing everything is taken care of.