But are you concerned that the honeymoon period has an expiry date? If you are wise, your answer will be YES….. We all want a marriage where there are no arguments, right? …. Let’s be real, you are going to have disagreements, and that is healthy. But you may want to look at your argument style. No one responds well to shouting, the outcome is usually a negative one … trust me, my frustration gets the better of me at times, but as I mature, I am learning that choosing my battles and how I deliver my point, results in a positive outcome…. And if I’m honest, I have been proven to be wrong …. On the very rare occasion lol …. (don’t tell my hubby that!) So, my advice is to try and reflect on the issue at hand, and then state your point. Acknowledging your partners point of view is always an advantage and will give you a better chance of being heard if you show, you are not one sided. Sometimes meeting in the middle with compromise is a good result …. ………….. And always keep in the back of your mind, the make-up sex to follow. Keeping deep and passionate intimacy between the two of you, is so important. Don’t just aim for OK sex. Effort is always necessary as the years tick over. Don’t to get into the ‘I have a headache’ pattern. However, remember to keep the honeymoon passion alive. How do you do that? Well …… only you know what makes your partner tick, and if you have forgotten, then take yourself back to the days of first meeting. Don’t make the mistake of score keeping …. It really doesn’t matter who initiates. Date your partner, convince them that they are loved, appreciated, understood, and cherished …. approach this with confidence and enthusiasm and show them that they still ‘do it’ for you. It’s not that difficult ….. clear out the obstacles and do your thing!