Its not as difficult as you might think …… Let me show
It is as simple as…. what made you want to say ‘I do’? If someone was to ask me, ‘Kerrie, what makes Lewey, your life partner and ‘your one’? I believe I would struggle being put on the spot, in fact ….. Lewey was asked this question, where he hesitated before being reminded what the question was  …. haha ….. or I may be able to give you a list as long as my arm of why I love the bones of my irritating, yet, best friend,  however, stood in front of all my favourite people, and recite my vows, well, it’s a very different story. While it may seem terrifying, there is something so unbelievably powerful about reciting your own personally put together words. As a celebrant, your vows are my favourite and most intimate moment of the ceremony … and the moment you become ‘husband and wife’. It is not when you hear “with the power invested in meeeeeee”  nonsense ….. Please give me a good talking to if you ever hear me say those words …. ha-ha! Flick me an email and I will forward you my Vow Guide.